Raised Legs Pose

Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Raised Legs Pose Mean?

Raised legs pose is a supine posture that is believed to offer relief from digestive issues as well as strengthen the thighs, calves and lower back.

To enter the pose, lie on the mat backside down. Keep the feet together tightly at the arches with toes pointed. On an inhale, lift both legs into the air, keeping the torso on the floor or allowing the lower back to arch slightly, if needed. The chin should be tucked toward the neck and the hands should remain at the sides with palms down. For the full expression of this pose, lift the torso off the floor to whatever degree is comfortable, dropping the head carefully to the floor, if possible. The arms extend in front at a similar angle to the legs, with the palms touching. To exit the pose, exhale and lower the legs (as well as the upper body, if applicable) to the mat.

Raised legs pose is also known as uttana padasana in Sanskrit.


Yogapedia Explains Raised Legs Pose

Raised legs pose is thought to have excellent benefits for the digestive system, helping alleviate indigestion and intestinal issues. It also helps to strengthen the spine.

For both the beginner and advanced variations of this pose, keep the legs together and straight, holding the breath for as long as is comfortable. Individuals may wish to practice this pose in repetition, raising the legs at different height intervals each time and synchronizing the breath.

Those who have lumbar issues or who have had abdominal surgery should modify this pose by just raising one leg at a time. Another modification can be to keep the forearms on the mat on either side of the body instead of extending in front of the body.

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