Half Moon Pose

Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Half Moon Pose Mean?

Half moon pose is a standing pose that engages the core and expands coordination. This pose awakens the opposing sides of the body as it strengthens the legs, engages the lower back, opens the heart and calibrates hormones.

Half moon pose is also known as ardha chandrasana.

Half Moon Pose


Yogapedia Explains Half Moon Pose

Half moon pose is a very beneficial pose; it builds balance, expands coordination and creates a keen sense of the body’s orientation in space.

This balancing pose is achieved by following these steps:

  • Straddle the feet three to four feet apart with the toes facing forward. Raise the arms out to the side, parallel to the floor (for beginning students, this pose can be positioned against a wall)
  • Turn the left foot inward 90 degrees and the right foot 180 degrees to the right
  • Put the body’s weight on the right leg and let it provide support as the left leg is lifted out to the side
  • Lower the right hand and place it on the floor (for beginning students, place the right hand on a block) and balance the body with the right foot and the right hand
  • Extend the left hand straight up and fully extend the left arm
  • Check alignment to make sure that the left hip is over the right hip and that the left shoulder is over the right shoulder
  • Make sure the chest is open
  • If possible, gaze up toward the left hand and hold the pose for a few complete breaths
  • Repeat the process on the left side

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Balancing Half Moon Pose

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