Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Uttar Mean?

Uttar is a Sanskrit word that has a directional meaning, but where the exact translation depends on the context. It can be used to mean “north,” but in other contexts can refer to "up" or be used as a relational term to mean “above.”

Uttar is also associated with the word, uttara, which has a diverse range of meanings, including “superior,” “future,” “concluding” or “later." It tends to be taken as a prefix for other words.


Yogapedia Explains Uttar

When the word, uttar, is used in yoga, north is considered to be the direction of the left side of the body, with the front (purva) being east, the back (paschima) being west and the right side (daksini) being south. However, uttar can also refer to “up” or “towards the crown,” while south is more generally associated with the root or base of the body.

If the word is used in the context of tara, connoting “star,” then uttara refers to the highest star or the pole star.

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