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What Does Samarpan Mean?

Samarpan is a Sanskrit word that can be translated as “the ability to surrender to the divine will living in the present” or “dedication.” It can be used to refer to a particular kind of meditation, samarpan meditation, which aims to awaken kundalini energy through the process of surrender.

Samarpan is also the name of a master of neo-Advaita who was born in San Francisco and now teaches in Germany. He has written many books and held many talks on spirituality and satsang.


Yogapedia Explains Samarpan

Samarpan meditation is said to have been developed by Himalayan sages for the benefit of all in society. It was taught and popularized by a Himalayan master teacher, Shivkrupanandji Swami.

Samarpan meditation is described as a unique practice in which kundalini energy is awakened and used to connect the individual with the Divine, or universal Consciousness. In turn, this will bring about an inner transformation of the individual. Through samarpan meditation, the individual surrenders everything, including negativity, thoughts of the past and future and the ego. It is said to be accessible to all as there are no restrictions of belief, religion, age or lifestyle.

Samarpan the teacher was a disciple of Osho who now accompanies and guides others on their personal process or spiritual journey. He holds satsangs on a donation basis.

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