Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Rudra Mean?

Rudra is the name of a Vedic god and also one of the many names assigned to the Hindu god, Shiva. In English, this name translates to "howler" or "destroyer."

According to Hindu mythology, Shiva was the first yogi, or adiyogi, who brought the practice of yoga into the world. When his ancient name, Rudra, is attached to the word yoga, it denotes a style of yoga that relies heavily on astrology.


Yogapedia Explains Rudra

It is said that Shiva evolved from Rudra with both of them having an unpredictable and potentially destructive nature. Also known as the divine archer, Rudra is said to fire arrows that bring death and disease. However, he is not simply a destroyer — he has healing powers as well.

Rudra yoga is a type of Raja yoga, also known as Royal yoga. This type of yoga is said to deeply enhance the individual's spiritual practice when carried out at certain times on the astrological calendar and according to their own astrological circumstances.

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