Eight Angle Pose

Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Eight Angle Pose Mean?

Eight angle pose is a challenging arm balance with a lateral twist. The body weight is balanced on the hands with the elbows bent while the legs reach out to one side, with the thighs wrapped around the upper arm.

It requires core strength, balance and concentration to perform this posture and, as such, has many physical and mental benefits.

Eight angle pose is also known as astavakrasana in Sanskrit.


Yogapedia Explains Eight Angle Pose

Many yoga students find eight angle pose challenging because it requires a combination of strength in the upper body and core for the arm balance, flexibility in the spine for the twist, and openness in the hips to reach the legs out. Postures such as extended side angle pose and leg over shoulder pose can be performed as preliminary postures to build the strength and flexibility needed.

This posture can be modified by resting the bottom hip on a bolster or using blocks to provide more lift; although, this can be more challenging for the balance. It should be avoided or approached with caution by those with shoulder or wrist injuries.

There are many physical benefits of eight angle pose. It builds strength in the arms, shoulders and wrists, while toning the abdominal muscles and inner thighs. It also improves balance and is said to help stimulate gastric activity and improve digestion, eliminating toxins.

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Eight-Angle Pose

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