Para Vairagya

Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Para Vairagya Mean?

Para vairagya, is a Sanskrit concept that means detachment from materialism and the material world. Not to be confused with suppressing needs or depriving the self of material objects and a life that includes a home, a car, a career and a family, para vairagya, is a state of mind that is achieved through the realization that oneness with the universal energies of light and love are the key to self-fulfillment.


Yogapedia Explains Para Vairagya

In Hindu philosophy, para vairagya is the realization of the true means to happiness and self-fulfillment. Once a yogi realizes that material objects and life in the material world are temporary, the yogi can achieve moksha, the release from the karmic cycle of rebirth into the material world.

To attain Para vairagya, a yogi has to develop a spiritual practice that allows for the realization that happiness and contentment come from within, practice can include meditation, mantra and asana. While traditionally renunciates would live without comfort and away from family, it is possible to balance life in the modern world with the lifestyle we chose to have in the material world through discernment of where and how time and energy is best spent to achieve true inner happiness.

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