Definition - What does Mahavakya mean?

A mahavakya is a grand, profound saying that has great importance to a spiritual yogic practice. The word translates as "grand saying" or "great pronouncement." These are typically very short and highlight the main point or wisdom of spiritual texts or concepts. While each mahavakya represents a unique contemplation specific to a concept, all mahavakyas are inter-connected and teach about the nature of truth and lead to the realization of unbounded consciousness.

Yogapedia explains Mahavakya

Mahavakyas contain the ageless wisdom of ancient texts and yogis, and they distill the wisdom into a short, simple statement. Widely used for contemplation and meditation, a mahavakya allows yogis to gain insight and wisdom into their minds and leads to the stilling of the mind into silence as the consciousness awakens. Mahavakyas can be used like mantras and be chanted aloud or silently, and they bring stability to the mind by bringing awareness to the true Self.

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