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What Does Kanda Mean?

Kanda, the egg-shaped nadi, is located above the muladhara (root chakra), between the anus and the root of the reproductive organs. It is the origin of all 72,000 nadis, or energy channels, in the astral body. Covered with membranes, kanda is the granthi-sthana, or junction, where the muladhara and shushumna (the basic central nadi) connect. On the sides of the kanda are the four petals of the muladhara chakra.

Kanda can be activated through yoga practice in order to prepare for more advanced energy exercises and to stimulate kundalini.


Yogapedia Explains Kanda

Activating kanda is essential before practicing more advanced energy techniques as it grants the practitioner strength and focus. Grounding kanda awakens kundalini, which lies latent within kanda. Regular practice of pranayama (especially while focusing on the muladhara) activates the kanda and stimulates kundalini.

The following is a meditative practice that can help energize kanda:

  • Sit with spine erect.
  • Fold the index and middle fingers of the right hand.
  • Close the right nostril with the thumb of the right hand and inhale through the left nostril for three seconds.
  • Close your left nostril with the ring finger and little finger of your right hand. Hold the breath inside for 12 seconds.
  • Release the thumb and exhale through the right nostril for six seconds.
  • Repeat for second side. Beginners should do this five times, eventually increasing to 15.

In yoga, kanda also has its own pose called kandasana, or upward ankle twist pose. Practicing this pose stimulates kanda, relieves joint and hip stiffness, and helps the practitioner overcome impotency and several other sexual disorders.

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