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What Does Dharmadhatu Mean?

Dharmadhatu is a Sanskrit term meaning "realm of Truth." It is derived from the Sanskrit root words, dhatu, meaning “dimension,” “sphere” or “realm"; and dharma, meaning "Truth," in this case.

Dharmadhatu refers to the consciousness of the purified mind when it is returned to its natural state and is free from obscurities. It is the essence of the mind and is an important concept in Buddhism, with links to yogic philosophy as well.


Yogapedia Explains Dharmadhatu

Dharmadhatu may also be referred to as dharmakaya, or the “body of dharma truth,” once the practitioner's Buddha nature is realized. This is a more advanced stage of consciousness.

In the "Mahayana Mahaparinirvana Sutra," the Buddha refers to himself as the "boundless dharmadhatu." In this case, the term means that the Buddha represents Totality itself.

Dharmadhatu is also an important concept in the five wisdoms of Tibetan Buddhism and forms the first of them. The whole five are:

  1. Dharmadhatu wisdom
  2. Mirror-like wisdom
  3. Equality wisdom
  4. Discriminating wisdom
  5. All-accomplishing wisdom

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