Citta Prasadanam

Definition - What does Citta Prasadanam mean?

Citta prasadanam is a Sanskrit term meaning "a mind with a sweet disposition." Citta may be translated as “that which is conscious,” “ordinary consciousness” or “the act of mental apprehension”; and prasadanam may be translated as “happiness," “filled with grace,” “joyfulness” or “limitless sweetness.”

A citta prasadanam mind is considered favorable, wholesome and pleasant. Its consciousness is full of non-dual love and compassion for all beings, and it is measured by equanimity. As such, citta prasadanam is considered something yogis should aspire to.

Yogapedia explains Citta Prasadanam

In "The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali," cultivating citta prasadanam is considered a task of great importance. The Sutras teach that citta prasadanam is developed through meeting happy people with friendliness, those who are suffering with compassion, those who are virtuous with delight, and those who are doing harm with disengagement. In this way, the Sutras give guidance about how the relationships yogis have can affect their state of mind, and vice versa.

The broader term, citta, tends to refer to the heart-mind, or the more emotive mind, as opposed to the intellect. It also refers to the overall quality of the mental processes.

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