Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Ayur Mean?

Ayur is a Sanskrit term meaning “life” or “vital power.” It is one part of the Sanskrit compound of terms that make up the word Ayurveda, which means “life knowledge.” Ayurvedic medicine is a life-giving system of Indian traditional medicine and is often practiced alongside yoga for its natural healing properties. Ayuryoga combines the ideas and practice of Ayurveda with the spiritual and physical disciplines of yoga.


Yogapedia Explains Ayur

Yoga and Ayurveda are often thought of as “sister” practices that work hand-in-hand to regulate the mind, body and spirit. In their book, “Ayuryoga: VPK Basics,” Vasant Lad (an Ayurvedic physician who developed the Ayuryoga methodology) and Maria E. Garre (head of the Ayuryoga Department at the Ayurvedic Institute) work together to define the term Ayuryoga and the intertwining relationship between the practice of yoga and Indian traditional medicine.

Within Ayuryoga, a yoga practice is developed for practitioners based on their specific physiological needs in order to invite balance and wellness into their lives.

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