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What Does Asanga Mean?

Asanga was an important teacher of the yoga tradition. He is believed to have lived in the 4th century C.E., in the region known today as Pakistan. It is said that he meditated deeply for a number of years, visiting Tushita (one of the heavens), where divine beings live and where he received various teachings.


Yogapedia Explains Asanga

It is thought that Asanga and his half brother, Vasubandhu, founded the influential Yogachara school of Buddhist philosophy and yoga. Asanga is traditionally credited as being the writer of many of the most important Yogachara texts, although there is some debate over which works should be credited to him.

The Yogachara school is commonly called a “consciousness only” school of philosophy. It describes the clarity of true enlightenment as being the only true existent state, as well as covering a wide range of subjects relating to karma, knowledge and different kinds of sense feelings.

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