Definition - What does Asamprajnata mean?

Asamprajnata is one of the different types of samadhi, which is a term that relates to spiritual ecstasy and is the ultimate goal of meditation.

Asamprajnata is an important term in yoga philosophy as it describes the ideal state which dedicated yogis searching for spiritual awakening try to achieve. During asamprajnata, the yogi’s sense of individual self disappears, as does the object that is being meditated upon.

Yogapedia explains Asamprajnata

Another word to describe this kind of meditation is "noncognitive." This is because it frees one from the traditional limits that are placed upon the mind in relation to surrounding objects. The term, supra-conscious, may also be used when translating this Sanskrit word to English.

This state can occur when the vrittis (waves that disturb our consciousness) cease to exist. This leads to asamprajnata being considered the perfect state in which the inner Self awakens.

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