Definition - What does Amaroli mean?

Amaroli is a traditional technique used by some ancient yogis of using one’s own urine for therapeutic or spiritual purposes. This may be by drinking it or massaging it into the body. Amaroli is said to be helpful for curing diseases and optimizing health and well-being.

Proponents of amaroli suggest that it should only be used when the techniques have been learned from a qualified teacher who knows the practice well, as its use varies from individual to individual.

Yogapedia explains Amaroli

It is believed that ancient yogis used amaroli to enhance their meditation practice. It was thought to maintain the digestive system when the internal temperature of the body falls after long periods of meditation. Some also think it was used to maintain antibodies in the immune system, as practicing yoga was thought to purify the body, potentially leading to a reduction in immunity to certain contagious diseases.

For amaroli to be effective, it is recommended to be practiced in conjunction with a low protein diet, high in raw foods and avoiding too much sweet, sour or spicy food. Sometimes only fresh urine from first thing in the morning is used for amaroli, whereas other times it can be preserved or taken later in the day.

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