Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Aditi Mean?

According to the Vedas, Aditi is the mother of the gods and the twelve zodiac spirits that gave birth to all heavenly bodies. Her name translates to “limitless” in English.

Yoga practitioners can meditate on the image and nature of Aditi in order to boost creativity and connect with the cosmos.


Yogapedia Explains Aditi

Regarded as a feminine equivalent of Brahma, Aditi is linked to space and mystic speech, as well as the eternal rebirth of the divine Essence. She is a protective, mothering influence in ancient Sanskrit literature, who provides safety and abundance when asked. This sky and earth goddess is also said to have the ability to free people from that which they wish to leave behind. She is a pure manifestation of creative energy.

As the mother of the gods, Aditi is an enormously powerful feminine figure in sacred Vedic texts. She can play a major role in achieving a spiritually fulfilling yoga session.

Her influence and protection make her a very useful deity to invoke through different mantras while meditating. For yoga practitioners and anyone else who is meditating, Aditi can be a boundless source of inspiration, as well as a calming, protective influence that can help guide the individual on their spiritual quest.

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