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What Does Adhi Mean?

Adhi is a Pali term meaning “higher” or “best.” In Vedic astrology, yoga describes a combination of planets; therefore, adhi yoga is a powerful combination of planets that is very significant if found in a birth chart. Specifically, if Mercury, Venus and Jupiter are in the sixth, seventh and eighth house from the moon, adhi yoga is formed.

Adhi yoga is considered as a raja (meaning "king") yoga, or nearly its equivalent. All planetary combinations that indicate ruling power, influence and good fortune, are raja yogas.


Yogapedia Explains Adhi

When adhi yoga shows up in a kundali, the person will be a powerful leader like a king or other world leader, an army general or other position of authority. Further, the person will be healthy and affluent, yet polite and trustworthy.

The results of adhi yoga are based on how strong the planets are. For example, if one planet is in full strength, the person will be a leader. If two planets are strong, he will hold a higher position, and if three are strong, he will obtain a superior station in life.

Intelligence is another characteristic of a person born with adhi yoga in his kundali, so he may become an eminent scholar, for example.

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