Medulla Oblongata

Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Medulla Oblongata Mean?

The medulla oblongata is the lower part of the brain stem that connects the brain and spinal chord. It controls involuntary functions of the body like breathing, sneezing, heart rate, blood pressure and swallowing.

Within yoga philosophy, the ego is considered to be centered at the medulla oblongata. It also is considered the primary entry of prana into the body.


Yogapedia Explains Medulla Oblongata

In yogic philosophy, the medulla oblongata is considered to be the base of creation for the body. Where the fertilized human egg occurs, the medulla oblongata is believed to form and energy is sent out from the medulla to create the rest of the body. Not only is it thought to be the seat of the ego, the medulla also functions as the sixth cerebralspinal center and directs the current of cosmic energy throughout the body.

In a meditation practice, consciousness should not be specifically directed toward the medulla oblongata in order to promote the flow of prana throughout the body; instead, it should be directed through the medulla and allowed to flow to higher areas of concentration, like the Christ center.

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