Christ Consciousness

Last Updated: October 9, 2018

Definition - What does Christ Consciousness mean?

Christ Consciousness is a term which can be interpreted in a number of ways. Many people use it to describe a state of consciousness where a person has found Self-realization and, as such, has realized their unity with God, or Christ. It may also be used by some as a synonym for the yogic and Hindu concept of reaching samadhi, or deep spiritual bliss.

For yogis of Kundalini yoga, Christ Consciousness can denote the moment when the kundalini energy reaches the crown chakra.

Still some view Christ Consciousness as a state of having found the Truth, a rediscovery of one's connection with one's innermost spiritual being. In this way it is a state of great emotional maturity and intellectual development.

Christ Consciousness is considered a controversial term to some because it combines Christian language and ideas with Eastern religions and/or mysticism. For some Christians, this is incongruous and a misuse of the name of Christ.

Yogapedia explains Christ Consciousness

It is said that finding Christ Consciousness is open to anyone, of any religion on any spiritual path. For those who follow this path, it is associated with being open to love and truth, practicing devotion as a means to seek enlightenment and bliss. It means recognizing one's birthright as a child of God, just as Christ was said to be.

The reason Jesus is seen as an example to all who follow this path is because he embodies the wholeness of every individual. It is said that this Christ “pattern” is in every being on Earth. Jesus, in this sense, becomes a guide to help yogis rediscover their true nature.

In seeking Christ Consciousness, the idea is to transcend one’s physical existence and experience one’s own divinity and God-like nature. Some Christians disagree with this concept, seeing it as simply an excuse for self-worship.

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