Definition - What does Vishaya mean?

The direct translation of Vishaya from Sanskrit offers a range of meaning, from 'object of perception' to 'object of enjoyment.' The term can be understood as representing the world of sensory objects, otherwise known as the material world.

A Vishaya-oriented life is one of desire and material pleasures, in which one becomes separated from truth and unable to reach unity with the divine.

Yogapedia explains Vishaya

Desires are an obstacle to spiritual progress, ultimately preventing Ananda (bliss or divine joy). As such, those on a spiritual path should avoid being solely connected to Vishaya. In living beyond desires and material objects of enjoyment, it becomes possible to experience one's true self, inextricably connected to the universe and divine joy.

To live beyond Vishaya is to experience a level of consciousness not recognizable by the five senses, allowing a deeper understanding of existence beyond the material world. In doing so, one can experience the blissful state of Ananda.

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