Definition - What does Tejas mean?

Tejas is a Sanskrit term that translates to “fire” or “illumination.” It can be classified as a type of energy, vitality or charisma. It is also one of the five gross material elements that make up the body in Samkhya philosophy.

In terms of yoga practice, tejas is considered a type of intense inner power that can be used to discover a deeper and more spiritual side to yoga.

Yogapedia explains Tejas

Tejas is a type of energy or vitality that has a long history of power and spirituality in the Hindu religion. It is considered one of the qualities of the Hindu gods.

The concept of tejas relates to the individual’s inner fire or illumination, which can be utilized to gain more spiritual benefits from yoga or any other type of meditative exercise as well as guides our development and enhances our perception of the world.

In yoga, the yogi can tap into the tejas energy during their practice in order to create a more profound and spiritual yoga experience -- one that's rooted in ancient wisdom.

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