Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Sravana Mean?

Sravana is a Sanskrit word that has a range of translations, including “ear,” “hypotenuse of a triangle,” “the act of hearing” and “fame.” In Hindu philosophy, however, sravana is the process by which individuals reflect on the secrets of the Upanishads in order to gain insight and understanding after first hearing them from their guru. Sravana, therefore, is the mental activity that needs to take place in order for the yogi to know the truth about Brahman.

Some say that by hearing the teachings of the Divine through sravana, the yogi's mind will begin to merge with Divinity. To listen to teachings in this way is considered a form of Bhakti yoga.


Yogapedia Explains Sravana

Certain teachings describe sravana as the first stage in the spiritual quest because it allows the truths that have been heard to resonate, then be sorted and ordered until there is no confusion or doubt. Then the next stage of the spiritual journey can begin.

It is through sravana that self-realization starts, where the individual learns that their identity is at one with the Universal Self or Consciousness, and analyzes and processes this concept. In this way, the ultimate result of sravana is for the individual to ascertain the true meaning of the Vedic texts and teachings.

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