Definition - What does Savichara mean?

Savichara is one of four different types of meditation that uses objects as a point of focus, according to Patanjali in his Yoga Sutras. The other three are savitarka, sananda and sasmita.

Savichara involves meditating on the subtle elements leading to samadhi, which is the ultimate level of consciousness attainable; the stage in which a yogi feels at one with the universe.

Yogapedia explains Savichara

Savichara is the state of meditation in which the mind identifies and perceives the object of meditation. The tanmantras, as the five elements are called, are the objects of meditation. As such, the yogi gains an understanding of the elements and nature, as well as time and space.

In the Yoga Sutras, broadly classifies samadhi as samprajnata samadhi (meditation with focus on an object) and asamprajnata samadhi (meditation without an object of focus). Asamprajnata samadhi is the higher state of the two because the consciousness of the yogi merges with the Absolute. Savichara is a type of samprajnata Samadhi.

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