Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Sarvajna Mean?

Sanskrit for omniscient, Sarvajna refers to a person who knows everything and understands the true essence of the universe. Otherwise known as 'the all-knowing,' only great masters can be considered as Sarvajna, such as those who have engaged in a lifetime of vast learning and have a deep understanding of Brahman.


Yogapedia Explains Sarvajna

One of the most well known Sarvajna is Pushpaddata, a 16th-century Kannada poet, philosopher and saint who lived in Karnataka, India. He later became known only as Sarvajna, and his omniscience is credited to wisdom and knowledge rather than pride.

Sarvajna is known for his three-lined poems, a form of Vachana called tripadi. He wrote these tripadis during his time as a wandering monk, finding inspiration and wisdom from the social, ethical and religious issues he encountered. Around 2000 three-lined poems are attributed to Sarvajna.

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