Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Santa Mean?

Santa is a Sanskrit word meaning “peaceful” or “calm.” Other uses of the word include “a good man,” “a peaceful sage,” “saint” or “ascetic.”

Santa is used in the “Vishnu Purana” text and is used as one of the many names of Lord Vishnu because of the way in which he manifested on Earth as “good people” to spread knowledge and well-being.


Yogapedia Explains Santa

The concept of santa as finding inner peace through yoga is inspirational to many new yogis beginning their spiritual journey.

By finding the right kind of yoga practice to suit his/her needs, a yogi can strive for this calm sensation and the feeling of being at peace with him/herself and the world. It is one of the greatest benefits of practicing yoga.

Santa is also used as a boy’s name in India and neighboring regions.

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