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What Does Kshama Mean?

Kshama is a Sanskrit word with various layers of meaning. It relates to releasing time and living in the present, and can be thought of as a kind of extreme patience. Kshama also means forbearance and forgiveness, and can refer to the capacity to forgive others and forget the past.


Yogapedia Explains Kshama

Kshama is a concept commonly found in Yogic or Hindu scriptures, such as the Shandilya and Varaha Upanishads and the Hatha Yoga Pradipika by Gorakshanatha.

Kshama forms one of the 10 yamas (restraints), which make up the code of proper conduct as prescribed by the Upanishads, an ancient Vedic text. The 10 yamas are:

  1. Ahimsa or Non-injury
  2. Satya or Truthfulness
  3. Asteya or Nonstealing
  4. Brahmacharya or Sexual Purity
  5. Kshama or Patience
  6. Dhriti or Steadfastness
  7. Daya or Compassion
  8. Arjava or Honesty
  9. Mitahara or Moderate Diet
  10. Saucha or Purity

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