Definition - What does Krodha mean?

Krohda is a Buddhist term, meaning anger, fury or rage in Sanskrit. Within the Mahayana Abhidharma tradition, krodha is identified as the first of the twenty subsidiary unwholesome mental factors. Krodha is specifically the type of anger that arises when one is prepared to harm others, and it is, therefore, a state of extreme mental agitation.

Yogapedia explains Krodha

Krodha is mentioned in the Dharmasangraha, an extensive Sanskrit glossary of Buddhist terms from the 2nd century A.D. It is referred to as one of the forty conditions associated with mind (citta-samprayukta), as well as one of the mental factors (chitta-samskara).

It is common to link krodha with kama (desire), since we become filled with anger when we do not attain the objects or situations we desire. This kind of anger usually causes us to lash out at others, when in fact the suffering comes from within ourselves. It is thought that one cannot experience kama without krodha.

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