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What Does Kayaliev Mean?

Kayaliev is a Sanskrit term referring to a physical body. Kayaliev is visible and perceivable. It is important to learn not to identify oneself with kayaliev, as it is not something that one is, it is something that one has. Kayaliev is a physical body, a cocoon for the higher inner Self. Kayaliev is also a tool. A tool that enables humans to function, to experience and to learn. It is a temple of the soul.

In Buddhism, this term is used to describe different dimensions and manifestations of Buddha.


Yogapedia Explains Kayaliev

The term, kayaliev, is used in the collocation of kaya kalpa (“body transformation”) as a reference to stopping the aging process, maintaining youth and postponing death. There is also Kayakalpa yoga, which refers to the ancient practice of the Indian siddhas to increase the energy of life.

In Hatha yoga, there is a common term, kaya sadhana, referring to the development of the physical body for spiritual purposes. The kaya, or the physical body, is considered a vessel and the purpose of kaya sadhana is to refine the body through physical exercise and yoga practice.

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