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What Does Kantha Mean?

Kantha is a Sanskrit word meaning “throat.” The term, kantha chakra, is sometimes used in yogic philosophy as another term for the visuddha, or throat chakra. This is especially common in the writings of the Vedas and Tantra. In Tantra, the throat chakra goes by a variety of names derived from the root word, kantha, including kanthadesha, kanthambuja and kanthapadma.

Kantha is also associated with Lord Shiva in Hindu and yogic philosophy because he was given the name, Nilakanth, which means “blue throat,” after he ingested poison from the ocean.


Yogapedia Explains Kantha

The kantha chakra is said to reside in the subtle body, rather than the gross body, although it is in the area of the throat. Associated with both creativity and expression, it is the energetic center responsible for allowing imagination to become reality. Opening the kantha chakra is said to instigate the creation of art, whether that be dance, music, writing or other.

Yogis also believe that the kantha chakra needs to be opened in order to allow for Self-realization. Until it is open, the truth is only realized in their limited inner world, but not in the external world. In opening the throat chakra, that truth can become manifest. Thus, the kantha chakra is the center for realizing, expressing and manifesting a yogi’s own truth.

Finally, the kantha chakra is represented by a lotus flower with sixteen petals and is associated with the color blue.

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