Last Updated: April 12, 2016

Definition - What does Gauna mean?

Gauna is a Sanskrit word which can be translated to mean “figuratively” or “subordinate."

Gauna is the name given to a type of Bhakti yoga. It refers to the lower, or secondary, type of bhakti, which is seen as a preparatory phase for the practice of the higher, primary type of bhakti called mukhya bhakti.

Yogapedia explains Gauna

Gauna bhakti describes the spiritual activities which will eventually lead to feeling the love and compassion associated with Bhakti yoga. These activities might include making a pilgrimage, learning music or reading spiritual texts. Gauna bhakti is the process that a practitioner needs to go through in order to experience deep, spiritual love.

Gauna bhakti is also sometimes equated with samkhya bhakti, which is the act of showing love to God for receiving wealth, children or healing from disease.

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