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What Does Bhuvana Mean?

Bhuvana is an ancient Sanskrit word and name that has important meanings in yogic philosophy and Hinduism. It comes from the root word, bhuvan, which literally translated means “earth,” “world” or “home.” However, the appropriate interpretation of bhuvana depends on the context. In different situations, bhuvana can refer to “mankind,” “living creature” and even “water.”

Both of these contextual meanings of bhuvana have multiple references in scripture and the teachings of Hinduism and yogic philosophy.


Yogapedia Explains Bhuvana

In the "Rig Veda," bhuvana is used to denote a man, a being or mankind. In contrast, in the Hindu epic, "Mahabharata," bhuvana is used to refer to “earth” or “world.” In the "Arthav Veda" and Shatpath-Brahman, bhuvana is used to symbolize abode or place of being.

Another use of bhuvana is in Hinduism and yogic philosophy where it is said that souls have both subtle bodies, know as suksma-sariras, and material regional bodies, which are called bhuvana-sariras. The bhuvanas here refer to the regions created for the enjoyment of the embodied souls.

Bhuvana is also a popular name in Indian literature and in society today. In the "Brahma Purana," Bhuvana is the mother of Visvakarma who is married to one of the eight vasus.

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