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What Does Bheda Mean?

Bheda is a Sanskrit word meaning “difference.” It shows up in several different concepts in Indian philosophy. In Hinduism, adhikari-bheda refers to the difference between people capable of comprehending the same truth. The Upanishads, Brahma Sutras and Bhagavad Gita base many of their teachings on the concept of adhikari-bheda.

In traditional Indian medicine called Ayurveda, bheda is the sixth and final phase in the progression of disease, known as the stage of complications. In bheda, the disease is chronic and most difficult to treat.


Yogapedia Explains Bheda

In Tantric yoga, adhikari-bheda is a key component of sadhana, or spiritual practice. The belief is that not everyone is capable of understanding or realizing the highest spiritual ideal. Yogis should, therefore, follow a spiritual life only to their own level of understanding. Those unable to achieve enlightenment in this life continue the journey in the next reincarnation.

Adhikari-bheda also refers to the concept that each caste and sect has beliefs and rituals that are unified, but in a hierarchy in which each group of people­ knows its place.

Bheda abheda is one of the five schools of Vedanta philosophy. The belief is that the self is both different (bheda) and not different (abheda) from Brahman, the Ultimate Reality.

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