Definition - What does Utthita mean?

Utthita is a Sanskrit word which means "extended" or "stretched." The word is used in naming the variations of certain yoga poses that involve extending or stretching one's body. Utthita balasana, which is a variation of balasana, is an example of such poses that have utthita in their names.

Yogapedia explains Utthita

Some additional poses that contain the word, utthita, include:

Utthita padmasana, also called lolasana, is performed by assuming padmasana and then lifting the body off the floor by firmly placing the palms by the sides.

Utthita trikonasana is one of the variations of trikonasana. Other variations include baddha trikonasana and parivrtta trikonasana.

Utthita parsvakonasana, which is also called parsvakonasana, is a side stretch pose. A variation of this pose is parivrtta parsvakonasana.

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