Vastu Vidya

Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Vastu Vidya Mean?

Vastu vidya is a Sanskrit term that refers to a Vedic system of architecture significant in yoga and Hinduism. It may be thought of as the yoga of architecture.

Vastu vidya incorporates a broad knowledge system of architectural designs dating back to ancient India, including both traditional Hindu and sometimes Buddhist beliefs. The texts outlining the vastu vidya guiding principles for layout, measurement, spatial geometry and design are known as vastu shastra, which can be literally translated as “science of architecture.” In particular, ancient vastu shastra principles were used for designing Hindu temples, as well as the layout for towns, gardens, houses, shops and public areas.


Yogapedia Explains Vastu Vidya

Within vastu vidya, the intention is to ensure architecture is aligned with and integrated into nature. It strives to bring into architecture a balance of The Five Elements that yogis believe the universe to be made up of. This is said to help with positive energy flow and harmony within the structure.

As a system, vastu vidya combines traditional views of science, astrology and metaphysical concepts. It considers factors such as the influence of the sun and moon, wind direction and the earth’s magnetic field. The building design must also incorporate the intended function of the building.

Vastu vidya does not prescribe rigid systems, but rather provides models and relational ideas. Such models may use geometric patterns (or yantra), mandalas, symmetry and/or different directional elements.

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