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What Does Shukra Mean?

Shukra is a Sanskrit word meaning “brightness,” “light” or “purity.” According to Indian mythology, it is the name of the guru of the Asuras who rules over Friday. Shukra is also referred to in the Bhagavad Gita as Ushanas Shukra, a Vedic rishi who is considered a seer by Krishna.

In the astrology of the ancient yogic texts, the Vedas, Shukra is associated with the planet Venus and is sometimes considered to be a goddess. In this case, Shukra is the goddess of marriage, beauty and love.


Yogapedia Explains Shukra

In the Indian tradition, Shukra of the Bhagavad Gita is revered as one of the foremost gurus or teachers. It is said that he learned to revive the dead from Lord Shiva. Krishna declares that Shukra is the expression of Ishvara, or God.

In Vedic astrology, Shukra bestows intelligence and artistic tastes, and signifies affluence. He is also associated with Kama, the deity of human passion and desire.

Shukra is the ruler of “Yajur Veda.” His color can be white or a mixture of colors, and is associated with white metals such as silver or platinum. His characteristics are femininity, warmth and fruitfulness.

It is said that in astrology, Shukra gives an attractive personality and vitality, and rules the eyes, reproductive system, chin, throat and kidneys. If Shukra is negatively affected, he can give rise to sexual depravity, poor morals, excessive drinking and loss of prestige.

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Ushanas Shukra

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