Last Updated: April 10, 2016

Definition - What does Laya mean?

Laya is a Sanskrit word that may be translated into English as either “extinction,” “absorption” or “dissolution."

Laya yoga - which is an alternative name for Kundalini yoga - is a type of yoga practice that has strong influences from Tantra and Shaktism.

Yogapedia explains Laya

Laya yoga is also given the name of “the yoga of awareness.” In this type of yoga, the kundalini energy is awakened through a combination of mantras, asanas, meditation, Tantric practices and breath control. In the "Shiva Samhita" it is said that there are four yogas that can awaken kundalini: Mantra yoga, Raja yoga, Hatha yoga and Laya yoga.

This ancient form of yoga was revived in the 1960s and has become relatively popular in the West since then.

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