Bhakti Sutra

Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Bhakti Sutra Mean?

"Bhakti Sutra" is the work of the Vedic Sage Narada in response to the question posed by Sage Vyasa on the virtue of devotion. Bhakti and sutra are Sanskrit terms meaning "devotion to God" and "sacred thread," respectively.

Through the 84 sutras contained, Narada explains the path of Divine love along with all its aspects. "Bhakti Sutra" is the essence of the path that leads to spiritual devotion. Eternal awareness that exists in every person is realized by the practitioner who experiences oneness with Universe.


Yogapedia Explains Bhakti Sutra

"Bhakti Sutra" says that the love of God is the highest level of love. Narada places bhakti at the top. He considers it better than karma, jnana and yoga, as bhakti is the means as well as the result.

Out of the 84 sutras by sage Narada, the first 24 talk about the nature of devotion. Sutras 25 to 33 explain why the path of devotion is the ultimate. Sutras from 34 to 50 detail the ways to practice bhakti. Sutras from 51 up to 66 speak on the signs of true bhakti. Finally, the last 18 sutras extol those who have reached the highest point of bhakti.

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Bhakti Sutra

Bhakti Sutras

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