Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Spanda Mean?

Spanda is a Sanskrit word derived from the root, spadi, which means “to move a little.” It is usually translated to mean “movement,” “motion” or “vibration.”

Spanda is regarded as being the pulsing, radiating energy that comes from the absolute or Supreme Consciousness (Brahman). Additionally, it is the personal energy that manifests itself in every single thing one does. It can also be seen as a joyful impulse to create harmony and enjoy life.

Yoga practice can be used to gain a better sense of one’s own spanda and the spanda that surrounds them.


Yogapedia Explains Spanda

Spanda isn’t a physical movement that can be seen. Rather, it is a mental or physical pulsation or motion. The best way to imagine spanda is to think of a wave in the ocean, surrounded by others and emanating from all different places at once.

Abinahavagupta called spanda the “pulsation of the ecstasy of the Divine Consciousness.” This word forms an important part of Kashmir Shaivism philosophy, which believes that the Ultimate Reality throbs with spanda at all times.

Through yoga practice and deep meditation, it is possible to feel the energy behind spanda and how it affects every experience in one’s life.

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