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What Does Sannyasa Mean?

Sannyasa is a Sanskrit term that refers to a stage in a person’s life, or spiritual development, in which one renounces material possessions to concentrate purely on spiritual matters. Their goal at this point is to achieve moksha, which is liberation from the cycle of death and rebirth.

Very advanced yogis may seek out this sort of lifestyle to deepen or even complete their spiritual yoga journey. For most practitioners, however, sannyasa is a future goal, which individuals can work toward by letting go of unnecessary possessions and minimizing clutter.


Yogapedia Explains Sannyasa

In English, sannyasa translates to “abandonment," “to put down everything" or “renunciation of the world." This is the final of the four life stages in Hindu philosophy. After reaching sannyasa, a person lives a simple, spiritual life that is inspired by love and peacefulness.

In Hinduism, there is a high degree of freedom over the type of lifestyle and pursuits that can be carried out at this stage. However, those who adopt it typically drift from one place to another, with no worldly possessions and no emotional ties.

There is a lot of flexibility in Hindu texts in regards to how sannyasa can be reached. For those who practice yoga with a spiritual intent, the journey to this life stage can be one of their main goals.

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