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What Does Narada Mean?

Narada is an important Hindu sage from the Vedic period. He played a significant role in several ancient Hindu writings, such as the "Bhagavata Purana," the "Mahabharata" and the "Ramayana."

These texts describe Narada as wise, but also playful. He appears in some of the more humorous tales of Vedic literature. He was a musician, a wanderer and a pure devotee of Lord Vishnu. He is always depicted carrying a veena, which he played while singing prayers, hymns and mantras dedicated to Vishnu.


Yogapedia Explains Narada

Narada is considered one of the most significant sages in Hindu mythology. He was an avid traveler, and it is believed that he had the ability to appear anywhere at any time. He was constantly traveling between the different Hindu lokas ("worlds" or "states") and it is believed that he could do so at lightning speed.

Stories say that Narada also acted as a messenger for the gods. If the earth or the heavens were in trouble, Narada was the one who would inform the supreme deities.

Believed to be the author of the "Bhakti Sutra," he described the process of bhakti ("devotion") and the practice of Bhakti yoga. This revered sutra is very important to Hindu bhakti movements, particularly in the tradition of Vaishnavism.

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Sage Narada

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