Guru Bhakti

Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Guru Bhakti Mean?

Guru bhakti is the practice of devotion and submission to a beloved guru with the result being the gain of wisdom, spiritual discipline and enlightenment. Guru bhakti is something that is not taught or learned, but, instead, is the heartfelt and devotional belief in a guru as a deity.

Bhakti yoga is considered the “yoga of devotion” or the “yoga of love” and individuals who practice Guru Bhakti yoga make his/her practice more specific by devoting it to one guru.


Yogapedia Explains Guru Bhakti

In practicing guru bhakti, the student or follower often lives with or in proximity to the guru, devotes themselves to a life of obedience to their teacher, and meditates and practices pranayama at the feet of the guru. It is thought that full submission and obedience to the guru prepares the individual’s mind and heart for full devotion to God by teaching the follower humility and piety.

Bhakti yoga is thought to be one of the ways to highest spiritual fulfillment.

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