Last Updated: December 5, 2018

Definition - What does Asmita mean?

Asmita is the second of the five kleshas, which are veils or colorings that keep us from seeing the true nature of our Self. In this respect, asmita is described as egoism.

For many, the main goal of yoga is to set aside these veils and, therefore, make one aware of one's identity.

Yogapedia explains Asmita

Asmita is the veil or coloring that sometimes causes one to forget the unlimited scope of one's identity. This is when one can fall into the trap of having an ego that is too big or powerful. This can lead to conflict in many aspects of life, causing anger and suffering.

Yogis can use their spells of deep meditation to reflect on the true meaning of the self. Over time, this can lead to the veil, known as asmita, eventually being drawn aside and the yoga practitioner finally being able to see a true vision of one's Self.

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