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What Does Anga Mean?

Anga is the name of a historical kingdom in the Indian subcontinent that is believed to have existed between 1100 and 500 B.C.E., approximately.

It is listed in the Buddhist texts as being one of the sixteen great nations. Anga had a rich religious and spiritual heritage that has been carried forward to the present day site of its then capital city.


Yogapedia Explains Anga

It has been suggested the name of the Anga kingdom was derived from Prince Anga, who is credited as founding it. Another theory, found in “Ramayana,” is that Anga is where the Hindu god, Shiva, killed Kamedeva by incineration and where his body parts (angas) were then dispersed.

The prosperous capital of this kingdom was Champa, or Campa. This city sat on the right bank of the Ganges river close to where it meets the Champa river. The site is believed to be where the modern day city of Bhagalpur lies, in the state of Bihar.

The presence of several important temples and religious sites makes Champa a popular pilgrimage site.

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