Last Updated: April 10, 2016

Definition - What does Yogilates mean?

Yogilates is a modern form of fitness training that combines exercises from pilates with Hatha yoga postures and movements. It is said to combine the benefits of both practices.

The theory is that the use of the physical asana practice will help improve flexibility, strength, breathing capacity and junction. On a mental level, it also helps with balance, body control and concentration. Pilates helps to make the body more functional by balancing the development of different muscle groups and giving the practitioner better movement patterns.

Yogilates classes were invented in 1997 by a Pilates instructor and yoga enthusiast, Jonathan Urla. He aimed to integrate both practices into a system with its own unique characteristics and benefits.

Yogapedia explains Yogilates

Yogilates is a holistic practice which brings connection between the mind, body and breath. It is said to improve overall health through purifying the body.

There are many commonalities between Pilates and Hatha yoga. These include the emphasis on flexibility, breathing and building strength through movement. Yogilates draws on all these features. The underlying theory is that the floor-based Pilates style exercises prepare the body effectively to perform the yoga postures safely. The Pilates also helps to build strength for yoga transitions and holding postures.

Typically, Yogilates classes will be structured like many yoga classes. They begin with a warmup, with gentler floor-based movements, progressing into strength and stretching work, and then more challenging standing postures. They may incorporate meditation and relaxation. A quiet, mindful atmosphere will be maintained throughout. Popular movements include lifting the arms and legs, arching and rolling the body, and stretches. They will usually be performed on yoga or exercise mats, possibly with the help of props like resistance bands. The routines are low impact and can be easily adapted to suit different levels and abilities.

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