Crow Pose

Definition - What does Crow Pose mean?

Crow pose is an active yoga pose in which the practitioner begins by squatting and placing the palms flat on the ground between the legs and directly under the shoulders. The body's weight is shifted from the feet to the palms until the knees can balance on the backs of the arms above the bent elbows. To acheive good form, the practitioner must keep the fingers wide-set, the shoulders down, the chest lifted and the gaze straight ahead.

Crow pose is also called kakasana in Sanskrit.

Crow Pose

Yogapedia explains Crow Pose

Occasionally the terms "crow pose" and "crane pose" are used interchangeably and considered one and the same. In fact, while one can enter crane pose by way of the crow pose, crane pose is a deeper, more challenging posture. To transition from crow pose to crane pose, the practitioner straightens the arms so the knees no longer balance on the bent elbows.

Crow pose provides the following physical and mental benefits:

  • Improves balance
  • Strengthens arms, wrists and core
  • Stretches upper back
  • Aids in digestion
  • Fosters tranquility
  • Improves concentration
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