Om Swami

Definition - What does Om Swami mean?

Om Swami is a mystic yogi and monk living in the Himalayas. It is believed that he posseses special yogic powers, such as being able to willingly shut down his heartbeat, change the temperature of his body and control his blood pressure.

Om Swami has written several books, the most famous being, "If Truth Be Told: A Monk's Memoir." In it, he describes his spiritual path in today's challenging and material world. In his other books, he passes on his knowledge about yogic and Ayurvedic wisdom, and shares a wisdom and humor of the life of a monk. He is also known as "the monk who sold his Porsche."

Yogapedia explains Om Swami

Om Swami was born in 1979 in North India and already as a child inclined to spirituality. As a teenager, he became an astrologer and left for Australia where he studied at a business university and started a software business. Later he came back to India and took over a health care company. In 2010, he renounced all his material wealth and multi-million dollar business and began his spiritual journey. He left for the Himalayas, where he meditated in total solitude for 13 months.

Om Swami has a special view on enlightenment. He does not agree with abstinence, he claims that the life with love, passion and truthfulness leads to enlightenment. He also sees a big difference between religion and spirituality, due to the huge violence committed in the name of religion all over the world. He says that God can be found through meditation, instead of religion.

Currently, Om Swami owns an ashram, runs a successful blog and website ( and continues to write books.

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