Medical Yoga

Definition - What does Medical Yoga mean?

Medical yoga is a type of yoga practice which combines traditional Hatha yoga with medical diagnosis and therapeutic techniques to address illness and disease. It is sometimes also referred to as Medical Yoga Therapy. Medical yoga may draw on modern scientific diagnostic tools, such as blood tests and MRI scans, in order to objectively assess a patient's underlying ailments and to help design an appropriate treatment plan. This is likely to include modified asanas and the use of yoga props.

B.K.S. Iyengar was a pioneer in applying yogic techniques to heal the body. He developed specific asanas and practices that can be adjusted to suit a patient’s individual needs at their stage of recovery. These may include personalized programs of asana, pranayama and meditation.

Yogapedia explains Medical Yoga

Medical yoga is a useful therapeutic tool that can help to restore mobility and flexibility to injured areas of the body. It can address a variety of ailments including chronic backache, high blood pressure, immunodeficiency and insomnia.

Medical yoga is used by many clinics, rehabilitation centers and hospitals in order to support patients during recovery. In addition to potentially reducing the reliance on pharmaceutical drugs to treat symptoms, Medical yoga has been used to support those suffering from depression and anxiety.

Yoga teachers and medical practitioners may train to become yoga therapists at any one of the various Medical yoga centers around the world.

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