Definition - What does Mauna mean?

Mauna is a Sanskrit word meaning "silence," which has an important place in Hindu philosophy.

In yoga, practicing silence while meditating or performing asanas is a simple way of cutting out distractions and allowing the mind to focus fully on achieving a state of enlightenment. Understanding and appreciating true silence also allows for a calmer and more reflective period of meditation, which is viewed as an important part of the path to Self-realization.

Yogapedia explains Mauna

The Hindu tradition explains that it is essential for an individual to understand mauna properly, which can only be done through practice. Ancient Hindu teachings focus heavily on the wisdom that can only be gained through periods of controlled silence. Historical Indian texts also reveal that absolute reality (or brahman) is beyond the human capacity for speaking and thinking. Silence is the only way to understand this concept and eventually feel at one with the universe.

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