Last updated: December 21, 2023

What Does Iccha-Shakti Mean?

Iccha-shakti is the willpower of an individual’s consciousness and the driving force for life. From Sanskrit, iccha means “will” or “want,” and shakti means “power” or “strength.” In yogic philosophy, shakti is the cosmic energy that has power to create and change things within the universe; iccha-shakti is the power of one’s intentions and actions.


Yogapedia Explains Iccha-Shakti

Shakti is also the name for the Hindu goddess responsible for creation and all dynamic forces in the universe. She is also called “The Great Divine Mother” or “The Universal Mother.” In Tantra yoga and meditation, practitioners contemplate the goddess to understand and access the energy, power and creativity within themselves and the universe. Goddess Shakti is considered responsible for the different forms of shakti, including iccha-shakti.

Shakti is the power of the Divine that can be experienced either internally within oneself or externally from divine forces outside the self. Other types of shakti include para-shakti, kundalini-shakti, kriya-shakti, and jnana-shakti.

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