Definition - What does Ekagrata mean?

Ekagrata is a Sanskrit term meaning "one-pointed" or "single-minded." It is a one-pointed focus and pursuit of one matter, undisturbed concentration and absolute attention. In yoga, it is achieved through consistent practice of meditation or abhyasa. Through ekagrata, the yogi is able to eliminate all distractions from their consciousness. Also in yoga, ekagrata helps one keep the mind calm and grounded.

Yogapedia explains Ekagrata

The term, ekagrata, comes from the Sanskrit root word, eka, meaning "one," and agra, meaning "proceed." According to Patanjali, yoga begins with ekagrata (concentrated mind) and concludes with nirodha (controled mind). The difference between these two states is that while in ekagrata the mind depends on an object of concentration, in the completely controlled state of nirodha the mind does not depend on anything. To achieve these states, the vrittis, or the movements of the mind, must be quieted.

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